Part A – Administrative Provisions
This part outlines the licensing process for healthcare facilities and prequalification process for design consultants.
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Part B – Health Facility Briefing and Design
This part includes Planning & Design guidelines including Functional Planning Units (FPUs) or Departments. Each FPU provides a Description, Models of Care, Functional Relationships and generic Schedules of Accommodation (SOA). Unique room types are defined as Standard Components and provided as Room Data Sheets (RDS) and Room Layout Sheets (RLS).
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Part C – Access, Mobility, OH&S
This part includes the requirements for Access, Mobility, Occupational Health, Safety and Security.
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Part D – Infection Control
This part details the Infection Control requirements of healthcare facilities.
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Part E – Engineering
This part focuses on the acceptable International engineering guidelines and standards for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire and other building services.
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Part F – Feasibility Planning & Costing Guidelines
This part includes feasibility planning, capital costing, financial appraisal and procurement strategy.
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