Standard Components A to E

The Room Data Sheets (RDS’s) represent the detailed briefing requirements of individual room types. Some RDS’s provide options for certain elements such as materials. If an external document refers to these RDS’s, without qualifying the choice of options, then the default options will prevail. In case of any discrepancy between various documents, the RDS’s will take precedence.

Where materials or elements are mentioned by generic type (eg Vinyl), the requirements may be satisfied by other materials and elements which have very similar properties (eg impervious sheet flooring).

The Room Layout Sheets (RLS’s) are indicative plan layouts and elevations illustrating an example of good design. The RLS shown are deemed to satisfy these Guidelines. Alternative layouts and innovative planning shall be deemed to comply with these Guidelines provided that the following criteria are met:

- Compliance with the text of these Guidelines
- Minimum floor areas as shown in the schedule of accommodation in each FPU
- Additional 2 M2 added for each additional door above the minimum required number
- Heights and dimensions where shown
- Any Clean/ Dirty separations shown or implied
- Accessibility to and around various objects as shown or implied
- Relative location and empirical dimensions of:
     1. Hand rails and Grab rails
     2. Call points, Power, Light Switch, Data and Gas outlets
     3. Bed Screens
     4. Sanitary Fixtures

Standard Components Code
1 Bed Room - Bariatric, 20m23D 1BR-BA-20-I
1 Bed Room - Isolation, 18m2, Neg Pressure 1BR-IS-N-18-I
1 Bed Room - Isolation, 28m2, Neg Pressure3D 1BR-IS-N-28-I
1 Bed Room - Isolation, 18m2, Pos Pressure 1BR-IS-P-18-I
1 Bed Room - Isolation - Positive Pressure, 28m23D 1BR-ISP-28-I
1 Bed Room - Large, 28m2, Inboard Ensuite3D 1BR-LG-I-A
1 Bed Room - Large, 28m2, Outboard Ensuite3D 1BR-LG-I-B
1 Bed Room - Mental Health, 18m2, Inboard Ens3D 1BR-MH-18-I-A
1 Bed Room - Mental Health, 18m2, Corridor Ens3D 1BR-MH-18-I-B
1 Bed Room - Mental Health, 18m2, Bk-to-bk Ens3D 1BR-MH-18-I-C
1 Bed Room - Mental Health, 28m2, Inboard Ens3D 1BR-MH-28-I-A
1 Bed Room - Mental Health, 28m2, Corridor Ens3D 1BR-MH-28-I-B
1 Bed Room - Mental Health, 28m2, Bk-to-bk Ens3D 1BR-MH-28-I-C
1 Bed Room - Special, 18m2 1BR-SP-18-I
1 Bed Room - Special, 28m2 1BR-SP-28-I
1 Bed Room - Special, CCU, 20m2 1BR-SP-B-20-I
1 Bed Room - Special, CCU, 28m2 1BR-SP-B-28-I
1 Bed Room - Standard, 16.5m2, Inboard Ensuite3D 1BR-ST-16-5C-I
1 Bed Room - Standard, 18m23D 1BR-ST-18-A-I
1 Bed Room - Standard, 18m2, Outboard Ensuite 1BR-ST-18-I-B
1 Bed Room - Super VIP 1BR-SVIP-I
1 Bed Room - VIP 1BR-VIP-I
2 Bed Room - Mental Health, 28m2, Inboard Ens 2BR-MH-28-I-A
2 Bed Room - Mental Health, 28m2, Corridor Ens 2BR-MH-28-I-B
2 Bed Room - Mental Health, 28m2, Bk-to-bk Ens3D 2BR-MH-28-I-D
2 Bed Room - Standard, 25m2, Inboard Ensuite 2BR-ST-25-I-A
2 Bed Room - Standard, 25m2, Outboard Ensuite 2BR-ST-25-I-B
2 Bed Room - Standard, 28m2, Inboard Ensuite 2BR-ST-28-I-A
2 Bed Room - Standard, 28m2, Outboard Ensuite 2BR-ST-28-I-B
4 Bed Room - Standard, 42m2, Inboard Ensuite 4BR-ST-42-I-A
4 Bed Room - Standard, 42m2, Outboard Ensuite 4BR-ST-42-I-B
4 Bed Room - Standard, 42m2, Inbrd/ Outbrd Ens 4BR-ST-42-I-C
4 Bed Room - Standard, 49m2, Inboard Ensuite 4BR-ST-49-I-A
4 Bed Room - Standard, 49m2, Outboard Ensuite 4BR-ST-49-I-B
4 Bed Room - Standard, 49m2, Inbrd/ Outbrd Ens 4BR-ST-49-I-C
6 Bed Room - Standard, 44m2 6BR-ST-44-I
Ablution Room (Prayer Room) ABLR-I
ADL Bathroom ADLB-I
ADL Dining Room ADLD-I
ADL Kitchen - Enclosed ADLK-ENC-I
ADL Kitchen - Open Bay ADLK-OP-I
ADL Laundry ADLL-I
After Hours Blood Fridge3D AHBBF-I
After Hours Drug Store3D AHDR-I
Airlock, 6m23D AIRL-6-I
Airlock - Entry, 10m2 AIRLE-10-I
Airlock - Entry, 12m23D AIRLE-12-I
Airlock - Entry, 6m23D AIRLE-6-I
Ambulance Triage AMBTR-I
Angiography Control/ Reporting Room ANCRT-I
Anaesthetic Induction Room ANIN-I
Angiography Procedure Room ANPR-I
Anteroom3D ANRM-I
Angiography Sterile Store/ Set-up ANSS-I
Anaesthetic Store3D ANST-I
Anaesthetic Workroom ANWM-I
Assembly/ Preparation (Pharmacy), 20m2 ASPR-20-I
Assembly/ Preparation (Pharmacy), 30m2 ASPR-30-I
Assembly/ Collation/ Coding, 35m2 ASSCO-I
Audiology Testing Room AUDIO-I
Audio-visual Room AUDV-I
Bathroom3D BATH-I
Bay - ATM, 2m23D BATM-2-I
Bay - ATM, 6m2 BATM-6-I
Bay - Beverage, Enclosed BBEV-ENC-I
Bay - Beverage, Open Plan3D BBEV-OP-I
Bay - Blanket/ Fluid Warmer, 1m23D BBW-1-I
Bay - Cleaning, 1.5m2 BCL-1.5-I
Bay - Cleaning, 18m2 (Patient Transport) BCL-18-I
Bay - Drinks Dispenser, 1m2New3D BDD-1-I
Bay - Drinking Fountain, 1m23D BDF-1-I
Bay - Equipment Park, 10m2 BEQP-10-I
Bay - Equipment Park, 12m2 BEQP-12-I
Bay - Equipment Park, 15m2 BEQP-15-I
Bay - Equipment Park, 20m2 BEQP-20-I
Bay - Emergency Shower Eyewash, 1m23DRevised BESE-I
Bay - Emergency Shower BES-I
Bay - Flowers, Enclosed BFLW-ENC-I
Bay - Flowers, Open Plan3D BFLW-OP-I
Bay - Height/ Weight, 2m23D BHW-2-I
Bay - Handwashing, Type A3DRevised BHWS-A-I
Bay - Handwashing, Type B3DRevised BHWS-B-I
Bay - Handwashing, Type C3DRevised BHWS-C-I
Bay - Handwashing, PPE/ Type B3DRevised BHWS-PPE-I
Birthing Room - LDR BIRM-I
Blood Collection Bay, 5m2 BLDC-5-I
Blood Collection Work Area BLDCW-I
Blood Checking/ Labelling/ Work Area BLDWK-I
Bay - Linen3DRevised BLIN-I
Blood Store BLST-I
Bay - Mobile Equipment, 10m2 BMEQ-10-I
Bay - Mobile Equipment, 2.5m2 BMEQ-2-5-I
Bay - Mobile Equipment, 4m23D BMEQ-4-I
Bay - Mobile Equipment, 6m2 BMEQ-6-I
Bay - Mobile Equipment (Enclosed), 4m2 BMEQE-4-I
Bay - Meal Trolley, 4m23D BMT-4-I
Bay - Pathology, 1m23D BPATH-1-I
Bay - Pathology, 3m23D BPATH-3-I
Bay - PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) BPPE-I
Bay - Resuscitation Trolley3DRevised BRES-I
Bay - Storage, 1m2 BS-1-I
Bay - Storage, 2m2 BS-2-I
Bay - Storage, 3m2 BS-3-I
Bay - Storage, 4m23DRevised BS-4-I
Bay - Storage (Enclosed), 1m2 BSE-1-I
Bay - Public Telephone, 2m23D BT-2-I
Bay - Utility, 1.5m23DRevised BUT-1.5-I
Bay - Utility, 1m23DRevised BUT-1-I
Bay - Utility, 2m23DRevised BUT-2-I
Bay - Vending Machines, 3m23DRevised BVM-3-I
Bay - Vending Machines, 5m23DRevised BVM-5-I
Bay - Wheelchair Park, 8m2 BWC-8-I
Bay - Wheelchair Park, 4m2 BWC-I
Bay - Water Fountain, 1m2 BWF-1-I
Calibration/ Testing Shop CAL-TEST-30-I
Cashier CASH-I
Change - Patient (Male/Female), 12m23D CHPT-12-I
Change Cubicle - Accessible3D CHPT-D-I
Change Cubicle - Patient3D CHPT-I
Change - Staff (Male/Female), 10m23D CHST-10-I
Change - Staff (Male/Female), 12m2 CHST-12-I
Change - Staff (Male/Female), 14m2 CHST-14-I
Change - Staff (Male/Female), 20m23D CHST-20-I
Change - Staff (Male/Female), 25m2 CHST-25-I
Change - Staff (Male/Female), 35m2 CHST-35-I
Change - Staff, Female, 40m2 CHST-F-G-I
Change - Staff, Male, 40m2 CHST-M-G-I
Catheter Laboratory Procedure Room CLAB-I
Catheter Lab Control/ Reporting Room CLCRT-I
Clerical Support/ Medical Records CLREC-I
Cleaner's Room, 10m2 CLRM-10-I
Cleaner's Room, 6m23D CLRM-6-I
Clean Utility/ Medication, 14m23D CLUM-14-I
Clean-Up Room, 10m2 CLUP-10-I
Clean-Up Room, 12m2 CLUP-12-I
Clean-Up Room - Shared, 15m2 CLUP-15-I
Clean-Up Room, 7m2 CLUP-7-I
Clean-Up Room (Pathology) CLUP-P-I
Clean Utility, 12m2 CLUR-12-I
Clean Utility - Sub, 8m23D CLUR-8-I
Computer Equipment Room COEQ-I
Coffee Shop - Seating/ Dining, 30m2 COFS-D-30-I
Coffee Shop - Preparation COFS-P-I
Coffee Shop - Store, 8m2 COFS-S-8-I
Coffee Shop - Servery COFS-SERV-I
Coffee Shop - Wash-up COFS-W-I
Computer Room, 12m2 COMM-12-I
Computer Room, 20m2 COMM-20-I
Communications Room COMM-I
Consult Room - ENT/ Ophthalmology3D CONS-ENT-OPT-I
Consult/ Exam Room3D CONS-I
Consult/ Interview Room - Mental Health CONS-INT-MH-I
Cool Room CORM-I
Computer Training Room COTR-I
CT Scanning - Control Room3D CTCR-I
CT Scanning - Procedure Room3D CTPR-I
Courtyard - Secure CTSE-I
Cytotoxic Room CYT-I
Dark Room DARK-I
Demonstration Room DEM-I
Dental Clean-up/ Sterilising, 10m23D DENCU-10-I
Dental Clean-Up/ Sterilising, 8m23D DENCU-8-I
Dental Laboratory, 20m2 DENL-20-I
Dental Laboratory, 8m2 DENL-8-I
Dental Surgery, 14m2 DENSR-14-I
Dental Surgery, 16m2 DENSR-16-I
Dental Workroom DENW-I
Dental X-Ray DENXR-I
Dining Room/ Beverage Bay (MH), 25m2 DINBEV-25-I
Dining Room/ Beverage Bay (MH), 38m2 DINBEV-38-I
Dining Room (Mental Health MH), 30m2 DINMH-30-I
Dining Room (Rehabilitation) DINR-I
Disposal Room, 10m23D DISP-10-I
Disposal Room, 5m2 DISP-5-I
Disposal Room, 8m2 DISP-8-I
Daylight Processing DPRO-I
Drug Information DRI-I
Dirty Utility, 10m2 DTUR-10-I
Dirty Utility, 12m2 DTUR-12-I
Dirty Utility, 14m23D DTUR-14-I
Dirty Utility - Sub3D DTUR-S-I
Echocardiography - Trans-oesophageal ECHO-I
Equipment Clean-Up, 10m2 ECL-10-I
Equipment Clean-Up, 12m2 ECL-12-I
Equipment Clean-Up, 14m2 ECL-14-I
Equipment Clean-Up, 6m2 ECL-6-I
Equipment Clean-Up, 8m2 ECL-8-I
Equipment Clean-Up, Loan Equipment, 10m2 ECL-LE-10-I
Equipment Clean-Up, Loan Equipment, 12m23D ECL-LE-12-I
Equipment Clean-Up, Sub Pathology ECL-SP-I
Electronics Laboratory ELAB-I
Endoscopy Procedure Room3D ENDP-I
Ensuite - Accessible3D ENS-ACC-I
Ensuite - Bariatric, 7m23D ENS-BA-7-I
Ensuite - Birthing Room ENS-BR-I-A
Ensuite - Birthing Room, Alternative ENS-BR-I-B
Ensuite - Mental Health, Corridor Access ENS-MH-I-A
Ensuite - Mental Health, Inboard ENS-MH-I-B
Ensuite - Super, Inboard ENS-SP-I-A
Ensuite - Super, Stand alone ENS-SP-I-B
Ensuite - Standard, Inboard3D ENS-ST-I-A
Ensuite - Standard, Outboard ENS-ST-I-B
Ensuite - Standard, Additional Access ENS-ST-I-C
Ensuite - Super VIP ENS-SVIP-I
Ensuite - VIP ENS-VIP-I
Ensuite - Visitor ENS-VIS-I
Examination/ Assessment Room - Mental Health EXAS-MH-I