Standard Components F to P

The Room Data Sheets (RDS’s) represent the detailed briefing requirements of individual room types. Some RDS’s provide options for certain elements such as materials. If an external document refers to these RDS’s, without qualifying the choice of options, then the default options will prevail. In case of any discrepancy between various documents, the RDS’s will take precedence.

Where materials or elements are mentioned by generic type (eg Vinyl), the requirements may be satisfied by other materials and elements which have very similar properties (eg impervious sheet flooring).

The Room Layout Sheets (RLS’s) are indicative plan layouts and elevations illustrating an example of good design. The RLS shown are deemed to satisfy these Guidelines. Alternative layouts and innovative planning shall be deemed to comply with these Guidelines provided that the following criteria are met:

- Compliance with the text of these Guidelines
- Minimum floor areas as shown in the schedule of accommodation in each FPU
- Additional 2 M2 added for each additional door above the minimum required number
- Heights and dimensions where shown
- Any Clean/ Dirty separations shown or implied
- Accessibility to and around various objects as shown or implied
- Relative location and empirical dimensions of:
     1. Hand rails and Grab rails
     2. Call points, Power, Light Switch, Data and Gas outlets
     3. Bed Screens
     4. Sanitary Fixtures

Standard Components Code
Family / Carer Room (Super VIP) F-CR-SVIP-I
Feeding Room FEED-I
Formula Room3D FORM-I
Film Processing, Viewing and Reporting FPVR-I
Fracture Clinic (Hand & Prosthetics) FRACL-I
Freezer Room FRRM-I
Flash Steriliser, 2m2 FST-2-I
Gamma Camera GCAM-I
General X-Ray GENXR-I
Goods Receipt - Pharmacy GRE-I
Gymnasium, 45m2 GYAH-45-I
Gymnasium, 60m2 GYAH-60-I
Gymnasium, Paediatric Therapy GYAH-P-I
Hot Laboratory HTLB-I
Hydrotherapy Pool Locker Bay HYDLK-I
Hydrotherapy Pool HYDP-I
Hydrotherapy Pool Open Shower Area3D HYDSH-I
Hydrotherapy Pool Store HYDST-I
Interview Room - Family/ Large3D INTF-I
Laser Camera LASC-I
Laundry - Hospital LAUN-HO-I
Laundry - Mental Health LAUN-MH-I
Laundry - Patient LAUN-PT-I
Lounge/ Dining - Activites (MH), 20m2 LDA-MH-20-I
Lounge/ Dining - Super VIP LD-SVIP-I
Lecture Room, 100m2 LEC-100-I
Lecture Room, 75m2 LEC-75-I
Linen Holding - Clean LHO-CL-I
Linen Holding - Soiled LHO-SO-I
Lounge - Activities (Mental Health), 20m2 LNAC-20-I
Lounge - Activities (Mental Health), 30m2 LNAC-30-I
Lounge - Activities (Mental Health), 55m2 LNAC-55-I
Lounge - Adolescent, 10m2 LNAD-10-I
Lounge - Medical Officers, 20m2 LNMO-20-I
Lounge - Medical Officers, 25m2 LNMO-25-I
Lounge - Medical Officers, 35m2 LNMO-35-I
Lounge - Parent, 12m2 LNPA-12-I
Lounge - Patient, 10m2 LNPT-10-I
Lounge - Patient, 15m2 LNPT-15-I
Lounge - Patient, 20m23D LNPT-20-I
Lounge - Patient, 30m2 LNPT-30-I
Lounge - Patient, Chemotherapy LNPT-CM-I
Lounge - Recovery, Stage 2 (Typical Bay) LNPT-RS2-I
Lounge - Patient, Special LNPT-S-I
Loading Dock LODK-I
Library & Study/ Reading Area, 40m2 LSRA-40-I
Library & Study/ Reading Area, 50m2 LSRA-50-I
Multi-Function Activites Room (MH), 20m2 MAC-20-I
Mammography MAMMO-I
Mammography - Interventional MAMMO-INT-I
Medication/ Treatment Room - Mental Health MED-MH-I
Medication Room, 10m23D MEDR-10-I
Meeting Room - Small, 12m23D MEET-12-I
Meeting Room - Small, 9m23D MEET-9-I
Meeting Room - Antenatal MEET-AN-I
Meeting Room - Diversional Therapy MEET-DT-I
Meeting Room - Medium/Large, 15m2 MEET-L-15-I
Meeting Room - Medium/Large, 18m2 MEET-L-18-I
Meeting Room - Medium/Large, 20m23D MEET-L-20-I
Meeting Room - Medium/Large, 25m2 MEET-L-25-I
Meeting Room - Medium/Large, 30m23D MEET-L-30-I
Meeting Room - Large, 55m23D MEET-L-55-I
Meeting Room - Living Skills, 20m2 MEET-LS-20-I
Meeting Room - Living Skills, 30m2 MEET-LS-30-I
Mould Room - Fitting MLD-FT-I
Mould Room - Workshop MLD-WS-I
Mortuary - Cool Store MOR-CS-I
Mortuary - Clean-up Area MOR-CU-I
Mortuary - Exit MOR-EX-I
Mortuary - Viewing Room MOR-VR-I
Mortuary - Waiting MOR-W-I
MRI Scanning Room, 42m2 MRI-42-I
Neonatal Bay - General Care NBGC-I
Neonatal Bay - Intensive Care NBICU-I
Neonatal Bay - Special Care NBSC-I
Observation Room OBS-I
Office - 2 Person Shared3D OFF-2P-I
Office - 3 Person Shared3D OFF-3P-I
Office - 4 Person Shared OFF-4P-I
Office - CEO OFF-CEO-I
Office - Clinical Workroom3D OFF-CLW-I
Office - Clinical Write-up Bay, 5m23D OFF-CWI-5-I
Office - Single Person, 12m23D OFF-S12-I
Office - Single Person, 9m23D OFF-S9-I
Office - Write-up Bay, 1m2 OFF-WI-1-I
Office - Write-up, 3m2 OFF-WI-3-I
Office - Write-up Bay, 6m2 OFF-WI-6-I
Office - Write-Up (Shared), 12m2 OFF-WIS-I
Office - Workstation3D OFF-WS-I
Operating Room - CT Control OR-CTCR-I
Operating Room - CT Procedure OR-CT-I
Operating Room - Digital3D OR-DIG-I
Operating Room - GeneralRevised ORGN-I
Operating Room - Hybrid - CT Scanning Room OR-HY-CT-I
Operating Room - LargeRevised ORLA-I
Operating Room - MinorRevised ORMS-I
Operating Room - Vascular / Cardiac - Imaging OR-VC-I
Overnight Stay - Bedroom, 10m23D OVBR-10-I
Overnight Stay - Ensuite, 4m23D OVES-4-I
PACS Storage and Viewing PACS-I
Parenting Room, 6m23D PAR-I
Patient Bay - Critical, 16m2 PBC-16-I
Patient Bay - Critical, 24m2 PBC-24-I
Patient Bay - Critical (Enclosed), 25m23D PBCE-25-I
Patient Bay - Acute Treatment, 12m2 PBTR-A12-I
Patient Bay - Holding, 10m2 PBTR-H-10-I
Patient Bay - Holding, Enclosed, 12m2 PBTR-H-E-12-I
Patient Bay - Non Acute Treatment, 10m2 PBTR-NA-I
Patient Bay - Resuscitation PBTR-R-I
Patient Bay - Recovery, Stage 1, 12m2 PBTR-RS1-12-I
Patient Bay - Recovery, Stage 1, 9m2 PBTR-RS1-9-I
Pharmacy Counter PHA-CO-I
Pharmacotherapy Unit - Courtyard PHCO-CTYD-I
Pharmacotherapy Unit - Dispensing PHCO-DISP-I
Pharmacotherapy Unit - Dosing PHCO-DOS-I
Pharmacotherapy Unit - Waiting PHCO-WAIT-I
Pharmacotherapy Unit - Toilet (Patient) PHCO-WCP-I
Physics Laboratory PHLAB-I
Play Area - Paediatric, 10m23D PLAP-10-I
Play Area - Paediatric, 15m2 PLAP-15-I
Play Area - Paediatric, 20m2 PLAP-20-I
Plaster Room, 14m23D PLST-14-I
Podiatry Treatment, 12m2 PODTR-12-I
Podiatry Treatment, 14m2 PODTR-14-I
Prayer Room, 20m2 PRAR-20-I
Preparation Room - Non Sterile (Pharmacy) PREP-I
Preparation/ Set-up Room (Imaging) PREP-S-I
Procedure Room, 20m2 PROC-20-I
Property Bay - Staff, 2m23D PROP-2-I
Property Bay - Staff, 3m2 PROP-3-I
Property Bay - Staff, 6m2 PROP-6-I
Pathology Laboratory Module PTHLB-MOD-I
Pantry PTRY-I
Pantry - Super VIP PTRY-SVIP-I