Standard Components Q to Z

The Room Data Sheets (RDS’s) represent the detailed briefing requirements of individual room types. Some RDS’s provide options for certain elements such as materials. If an external document refers to these RDS’s, without qualifying the choice of options, then the default options will prevail. In case of any discrepancy between various documents, the RDS’s will take precedence.

Where materials or elements are mentioned by generic type (eg Vinyl), the requirements may be satisfied by other materials and elements which have very similar properties (eg impervious sheet flooring).

The Room Layout Sheets (RLS’s) are indicative plan layouts and elevations illustrating an example of good design. The RLS shown are deemed to satisfy these Guidelines. Alternative layouts and innovative planning shall be deemed to comply with these Guidelines provided that the following criteria are met:

- Compliance with the text of these Guidelines
- Minimum floor areas as shown in the schedule of accommodation in each FPU
- Additional 2 M2 added for each additional door above the minimum required number
- Heights and dimensions where shown
- Any Clean/ Dirty separations shown or implied
- Accessibility to and around various objects as shown or implied
- Relative location and empirical dimensions of:
     1. Hand rails and Grab rails
     2. Call points, Power, Light Switch, Data and Gas outlets
     3. Bed Screens
     4. Sanitary Fixtures

Standard Components Code
Radiotherapy Bunker Control Room RAD-BCTR-I
Radiotherapy Bunker Room3D RAD-BUNK-I
Radiotherapy Simulator Room RAD-SIM-I
Radiotherapy Treatment Planning RAD-TRP-I
Reception (Emegency), 20m2 REC-E-I
Reception/ Clerical, 10m2 RECL-10-I
Reception/ Clerical, 12m2 RECL-12-I
Reception/ Clerical, 15m2 RECL-15-I
Reception/ Clerical, 20m2 RECL-20-I
Reception/ Clerical, 9m2 RECL-9-I
Respiratory Workroom REWM-I
Scrub Up / Gowning, 6m2 SCRB-6-I
Scrub Up / Gowning, 8m2 SCRB-8-I
Scrub Up / Gowning - Shared SCRBS-I
Screening Room (Fluoroscopy) SCRN-I
Seclusion Room SECL-I
Security Room, 10m2 SECR-10-I
Security Room, 14m2 SECR-14-I
Servery/ Trolley Holding (Mental Health) SERV-MH-I
Set-up Room, 16m2 SETUP-16-I
Set-up Room, 8m2 SETUP-8-I
Shower - Decontamination SHDEC-I
Shower - Accessible, 4m2 SHD-I
Shower - Patient3D SHPT-I
Shower - Staff, 3m23D SHST-3-I
Specimen Collection Bay, 9m2 SPECC-I
Specimen Reception/ Sort/ Preparation SPREC-I
Staff Room, 15m23D SRM-15-I
Staff Room, 18m2 SRM-18-I
Staff Room, 20m2 SRM-20-I
Staff Room, 25m2 SRM-25-I
Staff Room, 30m2 SRM-30-I
Staff Room, 35m2 SRM-35-I
Staff Station/ Clean Utility SSCU-I
Staff Station, 10m2 SSTN-10-I
Staff Station, 12m2 SSTN-12-I
Staff Station, 14m23D SSTN-14-I
Staff Station, 18m2 SSTN-18-I
Staff Station, 20m2 SSTN-20-I
Staff Station, 5m2 SSTN-5-I
Store - Accountable Drugs STAD-I
Store - Bulk, 20m2 STBK-20-I
Store - Bulk, 40m2 STBK-40-I
Store - Cleaners STCL-I
Store - Chemical STCM-I
Store - Crutches STCR-I
Store - Disaster Equipment STDE-I
Store - Drugs, 10m2 STDR-10-I
Store - Drugs, 5m2 STDR-5-I
Store - Equipment, 10m2 STEQ-10-I
Store - Equipment, 14m2 STEQ-14-I
Store - Equipment, 15m2 STEQ-15-I
Store - Equipment, 16m2 STEQ-16-I
Store - Equipment, 20m23D STEQ-20-I
Store - Equipment, 25m2 STEQ-25-I
Store - Equipment, 30m2 STEQ-30-I
Store - Equipment, 40m2 STEQ-40-I
Store - Equipment, 6m23D STEQ-6-I
Store - Equipment, Super VIP STEQ-SVIP-I
Store - Flammable Liquid STFL-I
Store - Files, 10m2 STFS-10-I
Store - Files, 20m2, Compactus Shelving STFS-20-I-C
Store - Files, 20m2, Static Sheving STFS-20-I-S
Store - Files, 8m2 STFS-8-I
Store - Gas Bottle, Empty STGB-E-I
Store - Gas Bottle, Full STGB-F-I
Store - General, 10m2 STGN-10-I
Store - General, 12m2 STGN-12-I
Store - General, 14m2 STGN-14-I
Store - General, 16m2 STGN-16-I
Store - General, 20m2 STGN-20-I
Store - General, 30m2 STGN-30-I
Store - General, 4m2 STGN-4-I
Store - General, 5m2 STGN-5-I
Store - General, 6m2 STGN-6-I
Store - General, 8m2 STGN-8-I
Store - General, 9m23D STGN-9-I
Store - Loan Equipment, 60m2 STLE-60-I
Store - Patient Property3D STPP-I
Store - Photocopy/ Stationery, 10m23D STPS-10-I
Store - Photocopy/ Stationery, 8m2 STPS-8-I
Store - Records (Inactive), 60m2 STRS-60-I
Store - Records (Active), 80m2 STRS-80-I
Stress Testing STRT-I
Store - Sterile Stock, 12m23D STSS-12-I
Store - Sterile Stock, 20m2 (CSSU)3D STSS-20-I
Store - Sterile Stock, 24m2 STSS-24-I
Store - Sterile Stock, 30m23D STSS-30-I
Store - Sterile Stock, 44m23D STSS-44-I
Switchboard Operator SWOP-I
Treatment Bay - Chemotherapy TRMT-CHE-I
Treatment Room3D TRMT-I
Treatment Room - Paediatrics TRMT-P-I
Treatment Bay - Renal Dialysis TRMT-RD-I
Treatment Room - Secure Assessment TRSA-I
Ultrasound ULTR-I
Volunteers Workroom, 20m2 VWR-20-I
Waste Compactor/ Recyclables WACO-I
Waiting, 10m23D WAIT-10-I
Waiting, 15m2 WAIT-15-I
Waiting, 20m23D WAIT-20-I
Waiting, 25m2 WAIT-25-I
Waiting, 30m23D WAIT-30-I
Waiting, 50m2 WAIT-50-I
Waiting - Secure WAIT-SEC-I
Waiting - Sub WAIT-SUB-I
Wash-up Room WASH-I
Toilet - Accessible3D WCAC-I
Toilet - Patient3D WCPT-I
Toilet - Public, 3m23D WCPU-3-I
Toilet - Public, 4m2 WCPU-4-I
Toilet - Staff3D WCST-I
Workshop - Carpentry WK-CA-I
Workshop - Electrical WK-EL-I
Workshop - Fitters/ Plumbers WK-FP-I
Workshop - General Maintenance WK-GM-I
Workshop - Mechanical WK-MC-I
Workshop - Mobility Aids WK-PDP-I
Workshop - Plumbing WK-PL-I
Workshop - Prosthetics WK-PRO-I
Welding Booth WLB-I
Workshop - Biomedical WS-BM-I
Workshop/ Store - Gardener WSS-GAR-I
Workshop/ Store - Painters WSS-PT-I
Water Treatment Plant Room WTPL-I
X-ray Viewing and Reporting XRRR-I