International Health Facility Guidelines

Version 4.2 October 2019 by TAHPI

Version 4.2 October 2019 by TAHPI

This is the home of International guidelines for the planning, briefing, design & construction of healthcare facilities. These guidelines place emphasis on achieving outcomes which reflect current healthcare practice in a safe and appropriate environment at a reasonable facility cost. They represent patient focused, research based, modern and efficient planning principles.

Our Mission

Healthcare facilities need to be efficiently planned, appropriately briefed, competently designed and quickly delivered. They need to be sustainable in every respect as an essential public service. Therefore they need to carefully balance the required features and standards against capital and operational costs without compromising the quality of care. Sustainability demands that the precious knowledge of healthcare design be shared rather than wasted after every successful project. These guidelines bring that shared knowledge to the world to achieve these key objectives:

  • Establish the minimum acceptable standards
  • Maintain public confidence in the facilities which comply with these guidelines
  • Provide a basis for the approval and licensing of healthcare facilities
  • Provide guidance to designers on the special needs of healthcare facilities
  • Consider the wellbeing, safety, privacy and dignity of patients, staff and visitors
  • Eliminate design features that result in unacceptable practices
  • Allow Health Authorities to require compliance with these guidelines
  • Provide a knowledge base to inform future healthcare design consultants

These Guidelines will be continually reviewed, updated and expanded. Readers are encouraged to provide feedback and to contribute material for future updates.

Country / Domain specific Health Facility Guidelines

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