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Obtain editable versions of the Standard Components offered on the HFBS website www.healthdesign.com.au.

Health Facility Briefing System (HFBS)


 HPI Health Planning Technology

HFBS offers the Health Industry powerful tools and techniques for rapid briefing, planning, design, costing and maintenance of Healthcare facilities.

The flagship product, the Health Facility Briefing System (HFBS) is a suite of integrated web tools offered on an a very affordable  subscription basis. Users can Log onto the HFBS web site through a standard web browser, access comprehensive Standards, Guidelines and Medical Templates including 450 room types for Healthcare Design.
Assemble detailed briefs, specifications, Room Data Sheets (RDS) and Room Layout Sheets (RLS)  on the web without any software.

Why Use HFBS?

HFBS is the only comprehensive tool of its  kind available on the web today

HFBS requires no software installation or special equipment and is affordable

HFBS is based on Internationally recognised Standards and Guidelines

HFBS is adopted by many Governments around the world  +  the Private Sector

HFBS saves thousands of hours of hard work saving time and money

HFBS provides hundreds of Standard Room drawings and detailed briefs + tools

HFBS offers tools which suit various disciplines in the Health Care industry including:

Users can save their work directly to the web or download as richly formatted PDF files or Excel spreadsheets using up to 40 ready made industry standard templates.

The ease of use built into the HFBS includes drag and drop ‘Standard Components’ based directly on Healthcare Standards. The results always remains editable for project-specific  customisation. The system automatically learns from every new project and makes the information available as menu items for future projects.

HFBS training is available to all subscribers world-wide. For access go to HFBS, For training call: Dianne Barton on +612 94604199 or email:

Copy of laptop copy

Each HFBS module offers a rich set of features using the latest Web technology including:

Healthcare Architects
Healthcare Interior Designers
Heathcare Clinical Service Planners
Healthcare Cost Planners
Healthcare Equipment Planners
Nurse Planners
Health Authorities
Health Standard Bodies
Accreditation Authorities
Healthcare Managers

Project Briefing Module
Asset Information & Audit Module
Mapping Module
Products Module
Equipment Purchasing Module
Costing Module
Document Management Module
Service Planning Module
Maintenance Module
HFBSCAD Connect Module


The above window is only a preview. Do not login to the HFBS from this window.
Click here to login to the full website.

On the website click on ‘What is HFBS’ at the bottom, then ‘Modules’ to the right to see previews of the most popular modules.

Ready to use Medical Templates

HFBS is a platform used for the creation and distribution of a large number of Standard Components used in various Healthcare Design Guidelines and Standards around the world including the HAAD HFG’s. This allows the users of the HFBS to directly access those Standard Components as virtual Medical Templates in fully editable form. The Standard Components are presented as:

Close to 600 unique Healthcare Room Types defined in Room Data Sheets
Close to 600 unique room plans offered in PDF and DWG formats
Customisation for different Country and Domain conditions
Numerous Functional Planning Units (FPU’s) or  Departments
Automated schedules of Furniture, Fittings, Fixtures and Equipment with budget cost
Service Planning Reference DRG Data for various parts of the world

Users can assemble the material using the tools offered by the intuitive user interface.

Also try the Aged Care sister platform to the HFBS: the Senior Living Domain